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Hi guys, the concept of the game sounds so fun. As it's such a primary version, I get you guys will be working on and adding so much more into the game soon enough. When I double click, I sort of "explode" but it doesn't feel that way - the screen goes blank and the dev console appears. when walking right, I seem to walk over/through the boxes and, when I turn to walk back, they stop me as if their colliders have just started working. I hope you guys will add a jump as it feels like it should be there. Overall, I'm excited to see where it goes and what kind of teddy bear I can create and then destroy. Thank you - Jess.

Apologies, should have explained better in the controls, the longer you hold the mouse click the more powerful the explosion becomes.
we are aware of the collision issues. unity doesn't play nicely with ragdoll but Matthew is hard at work resolving these issues. 
as for jumping i don't reacall why it wasn't implimented, most likely it was another ragdoll issue but I'll bring  that up  as something to be added. Thanks for the feedback -Sam